Indian Creek Settlement

The Most Honorable and Ancient Order of the Golden Rule


Sawmill: Our sawmill has been purchased and set up. We will selectively harvest timber to supply beams, timbers, and lumber for various Settlement structures, fences, and woodworking.

Livestock: Currently we have Tamworth swine, Dexter cattle, Spanish goats, and Wyandotte chickens here. This livestock should provide for our meat and milk product needs.  We are focusing on rare Heritage breeds  to do our part in protecting and sustaining these breeds. All our current breeds are listed with the Livestock Conservancy.  So far we have had baby pigs, goats, and a calf born here. We recently delivered a Tamworth hog to be processed and will be taking in a Dexter steer soon.

Timber Frame Structures: With the addition of the sawmill, we are able to produce timbers and lumber for the construction of timber-framed barns, cabins, and other structures.

​​Furniture: We will design and manufacture high quality furniture, primarily in the Arts & Crafts / Craftsman / Mission style (Google Arts & Crafts or Stickley furniture to see examples of the style).

Leather: We will design and manufacture high quality leather clothing and accessories.

Textiles: Lady Rebecca will design and manufacture fine clothing and accessories in her textile shop.

Market: We will operate a small farmer's market and will participate in area farmers' markets to share our garden bounty.